Why Most Horse Racing Punters Lose and How To Win Consistently

There is an age-old saying: information is power, power is money. So how does this relate to horse racing and in particular betting on horse racing? Well – information is the difference between winning and losing consistently. Consistent winners on the horse race track have information that the losers do not. These punters that consistently win at the races have professional research, industry contacts and a wealth of shared knowledge at their disposal to assist in betting. Their punts are carefully thought out after taking into account all the available information. So how do you become a consistently profitable punter at the race track? You make sure you have the information that the consistent winners do. Horse race betting is not rocket science after all.

There are two main ways to acquire quality information for horse race betting: subscribe to horse race tipping communities and services or do your own research. Both have their weaknesses and strengths as a betting strategy. Subscription horse tipping services and communities are popping up all over the world. In the United Kingdom, there is of course reputable services like our very own team here at Value Horse Tips. The tipping industry is well developed in Australia too with subscription communities including Equus Racing horse tipping community gaining massive followings. The United States has too many tipping services to even attempt to list. Canada and New Zealand, while not the size of the Australian, United States or United Kingdom horse tipping communities, have seen rapid developments in the horse racing tips industry over the last five years.

The benefit of horse tipping communities is in the information they provide their members. Utilizing years of experience, extensive research and inside information from industry contacts, horse race tipping services give you the power of information. Reputable communities and tipping services have proven consistent win rates and are profitable. The other way to consistently win at the races is to do your own research. Without doing research before you bet on the horses, you are gambling blindly and will end up like the majority of punters – losing the lot. In addition to researching the horse, trainer and jockey, you also need a wide understanding of horse betting. The two main categories are straight bets and exotic bets. The best way for a new punter to horse race betting to get their feet wet is to go with straight bets. You need to familiarize yourself with the common terms of horse racing wagers.

Having the right knowledge in combination with the right research, equips you with a better chance of winning the bet. Ensure you take the time to learn the basic of horse betting to make your punting more profitable. The problem with doing your own research is that you don’t benefit from the pool of experience and inside industry contacts that most horse tipping services utilize. At the end of the day, for most people it is just simpler and more time effective to get their tips from a professional tipping service and community.

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