Introducing Nitrogen Sports

What is Nitrogen Sports?

Nitrogen Sports, available at is the largest and most trusted bitcoin sportsbook available on the internet and is a very interesting alternative to the traditional bookmakers available in sports betting.

Users can wager anonymously and securely on a wide range of sports including Football, Rugby, Golf, Cricket, Boxing, Rugby Union, Rugby League and many more. When we got asked to review Nitrogen Sports we were slightly sceptical but after trying out the site we have to say it is a refreshing way to have a bet and a very interesting concept.

So what is biticon?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows people to send money over the internet. Bitcoin is run by the people who use it, which means that it’s not tied to any country or subject to regulation. As a result of this the anonymity of gambling on the site gives it a very safe yet professional and reliable feeling.  There are not many other sports betting sites to our knowledge that allow users to stake wagers without creating an account with their site

Why is bitcoin great for sports betting?

–  It’s a decentralized currency. This means the bitcoin network isn’t controlled by, or responsible to a government or bank.

–  You can set up a bitcoin address in seconds with no fees.

–  It’s completely anonymous so a users’ name won’t be attached to your bitcoin address, and you can hold an anonymous account at Nitrogen Sports.

–  It’s fast! You can deposit funds with us with 0 confirmations, and have your bet placed almost instantly

Fee Free Betting

One of the bigadvantages of using Nitrogen Sports is that there is no foreign transaction fee. That means that regardless of where you live, or what the laws are governing currency changing where you are you can use Nitrogen Sports to bet on a variety of sports or games without interruption or legislation. Nitrogen Sports takes a very small fee per transaction which is miliscule compared to the fess that betfair have placed on users accounts and it is certainly nice to see a website not try and squeeze you for every penny!


Although currently the website does not house facilities to bet on Horse Racing it is well worth a look and a try out to see how you feel about it, if nothing else it is a milestone in the betting industry that is worth taking note of.

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