Living Like a King: The Pampered Life of a Racehorse

If you’ve ever visited the racetrack you’ll have seen how hard the racehorses work in an attempt to get across the line first. There’s a lot at stake and it’s not just about the prize money although this does help! 

The reputation of a horse can secure it future races, encourage bets and even place it in demand for breeding. This can all be worth much more than the prize fund.

It’s for these reasons that the best racehorses live extremely pampered lives, they are more than just racehorses, they are investments. Although it is difficult to place an exact price on a specific horse as it is affected by age, the market and its pedigree, the average price can be estimated to be approximately $90,000; although it could be significantly more.

Understanding The Lifestyle

An investment such as this has to be looked after. A great example of this is the transfer of Moreno from California to West Virginia. To reduce the stress on the horse it was flown in a specially designed plane to Kentucky and then allowed to rest for the night on the farm before being transported in a custom designed van while listening to ‘Dueling Banjos’. 

All of these measures were expensive but they were designed to keep the horse calm. It worked, he run the Classic the next day and won. 

This is what you should be looking at when consider the Grand National betting offers available. The gene pool is a good indicator of how fast a horse can run. But, the way a racehorse is looked after will make the difference between a good race and an excellent race.*

Playing The Odds

Having a flutter on the Grand National, or any level of horse racing is exhilarating. But if you want to generate some funds you need to know your horses. Looking at the odds alone is not enough to guarantee you a win. 

The current form, the gene pool and how recently they’ve raced can all play a part in their chances on race day. But the way they are pampered can play and even greater part and is one factor that can be hard to confirm.

The Treatment

The first thing to note is that racehorse owners really love their horses. This is why they form such a bond and are happy to pamper them. 

When a racehorse flies it strolls onto a plane and into a comfortable stall. This is designed to minimize noise and vibration, keeping the horse calm throughout the journey. Air conditioning is included and the choice of food is meticulously calculated.

In fact, a racehorse travels in better comfort and style than many first class airlines! But the reasons why are obvious. A thoroughbred is worth a lot of money, the prize money can be huge and the breeding potential brings in even more money. The investment owners make treating their racehorses like kings is usually returned many times over.

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